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Our organization relies on public support as we are consistantly working to make a difference in the Haitian community and in the lives of students leaders in the state of Florida. As we are committed to help make a difference in the life of young leaders, your donation is essential in helping us reaching our goals. We thank you in advance. 

Where is your donation going?

Our goal is to award at least three (3) different scholarships during each academic year to any student of Haitian descent in Florida.

Leadership Retreat

Your donation will aid in ensuring that the new leaders of the HSA/HSO in the state of Florida are able to receive the much needed summer training at a very low cost.

College Day

The college day is a program that focuses on providing high school students of Haitian descent a better transition to colleges and universities across the state of Florida.

Operational Costs

Your donations will also aid in covering the operational costs of the organization.

Fundraising Campaign

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of 2018. Contact us if you wish to be a donor or a sponsor.

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