The state board is consist of student leaders from different Colleges and Universities across Florida, dedicated to make a difference in the Haitian Students body system and the Haitian Students Organizations and Associations. 


State Leadership

Join the state board and represent your HSA/HSO constituents.

What to Know

The primary duty of all state board members is to act in the best interests of the HSA/HSO body they serve in Florida, whether on a local, state and/or federal level. 

Get Involved

Are you interested in making a difference within the HSA/HSO community? Are you in search of an outlet where you can use your broad range of leadership skills to help other leaders? Do you want to challenge your potential? Are you ready to explore the leader within? If so, join a committee and get involved today. 



Board of Directors




Budget and Finance






Committee Responsibilities

Budget and Finance

The Budget and Finance Committee oversee the financial affairs of UHSF in order to ensure its financial wellness by managing and/or monitoring all financial aspect of the organization for the benefits of all HSA/HSO.


This committee is responsible for overseeing the proper dissemination of all business matters of the UHSF. The committee develops and implement communication strategies and marketing plans to promote the mission, vision, services, programs and all organizational initiatives.

Policy and Legal Affairs

The purpose of P.L.A.C shall be that of ensuring all members of the organization are in compliance with the its policies. The committee shall review, amend and update existing policies with the board of directors’ approval to better meet the needs of the corporation on policies and legal affairs standpoint. 


The Operations Committee oversee all operation aspects of the UHSF, ensure the proper functioning of the organization in all regions, and evaluate the function of the organization in each region.


This committee is primarily responsible for promoting the UHSF's membership, assist in recruitment and membership renewal. Members of this committee shall seek to offer excellent membership benefit and services to supports to all registered members.


This committee oversee the programming aspect of the organization and ensure they are in accordance with the mission statement and the purpose of the UHSF. 


The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to review the progress and the direction of the organization and provide feedback and recommendations to the board.